Divine Mercy Retreat Centre

Divine Mercy Centre, Kaliyal: Retreat preaching is an old ministry; but our Province has seen some budding preachers of retreat since last few years. Divine Mercy devotion is part of this preaching ministry, and Pallottines were the pioneers of this Devotion in Kanyakumari. Initially, Divine Mercy devotions were conducted in make-shift structure in Kaliyal Campus and in the parishes in the neighborhood. Soon, it was felt necessary to erect a proper infrastructure for the promotion of devotion to Divine Mercy. In view of this, the project of a construction of Divine Mercy Centre was started in 2009 with the help from the Pallottines in Poland and in the French Region. Due to some unavoidable reasons, the Devotion was stopped and the building was left unfinished. The building remained merely a skeleton structure with merely a big hall at the bottom level. Recently, we converted the big hall into few rooms with a smaller hall, a chapel, and a dining hall, at the bottom level, and an office cum residence each for the DMC staff at the top level. Now, we have sufficient facilities to have a retreat of smaller groups of 10-20 people. At present, the Divine Mercy Centre functions as a spiritual renewal center where various spiritual activities are conducted. In our Centre we conduct Retreats, Recollection, Seminars, Conferences, day of Prayer and offer spiritual direction for those seeking guidance in personal growth, in faith, in prayer and in the ability to respond whole-heartedly to God. We also conduct our ongoing formation programs for our young priests in this centre.