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Vocation Orientation Centre

The first and foremost task during the period of vocation orientation is to teach the candidate how to imitate Jesus Christ; the choice between ministerial Priesthood and consecrated life in the Society of the Catholic Apostolate is only its natural consequence, which should happen at the end of this period.

The Vocation Orientation Centre of our Province, Pallotti Illam, Madurai has 16 students in all three years together: 6 in the first year, 6 doing their 11th, and 4 their 12th. We appreciate the efforts and care the formation team at Pallotti Illam takes in giving these students proper motivation and orientation towards discerning their vocation to Pallottine way of life and Priesthood.

Pallotti Illam has a long history. It is the first Pallottine community in Tamil Nadu. It all began in 1978 with a view to promote vocations to serve the Pallottine missions in North India. Since then, it has been faithful to its mission of giving orientation to the candidates and forming them into making mature decision in life, whether to continue in their call to be a Pallottine or to choose different path of life. Until not many years ago, it had catered to the formation of students coming from different parts of India, North and South, East, and West. With the starting of similar vocation orientation centres in other Indian States, Pallotti Illam’s focus has been the formation of students hailing from Tamil Nadu.