SAC(Society of the Catholic Apostolate

The Society of the Catholic Apostolate is an International Community of priests and brothers founded in 1835 by a Roman Priest, St. Vincent Pallotti (1795 – 1850). From his name, it receives its popular name “Pallottines”. The official Latin name is Societas Apostolatus Catholici. And SAC, the abbreviation used by the Pallottines, stems from the first letter of this name. When Pallotti died on January 22, 1850 Society was in its infancy stage. By the year 1869, there were only ten priests and four Brothers. Right now, the Society counts roughly 2300 members, who live in more than 300 local communities in all continents and in more than 40 countries. As regards the number of members, the Pallottines occupy the 17th place among the religious communities of men.
It was first begun in Italy by Pallotti along with some diocesan priests who willingly came forward to work with our founder. After the death of Pallotti, it slowly began to spread to England, United States of America, Germany, Brazil, Cameroon, Argentina, Uruguay, Belgium, Scotland, Ireland, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, India, South Korea, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Congo, Rwanda, Ivory Coast, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, Belize, Mexico etc.,
The members, priests and brothers, bind themselves to the Society by the promises of chastity, poverty, obedience, perseverance, the sharing of resources and the spirit of service. The Pallottines are dedicated to promoting the Universal, or Catholic, Apostolate by following the motto of founder St. Vincent Pallotti, “The Love of Christ urges us on!” Mary, Queen of the Apostles, is the Patroness of the Society.