Social Work

In our Parishes and Stations, we do undertake social work activities like running tuition centres, educational help for the poor children and similar charitable works. We have distributed books, school bags, and other learning materials for school-going children in some parishes, and financial help for the poor children in other parishes. Moreover, we have also distributed musical instruments to those parishes who had taken initiative in developing the talents of children and youth. A special mention has to be made about the “Clean Drinking Water Project” in Kalaikulam. People of this area do not get proper water supply. Even the water they get from the borewells in the neighborhood is not drinkable. Seeing the need of the place, we have dug a borewell and established a water-purifying plant so that the people of this area can get clean water supply for drinking and cooking. In addition to these social welfare activities carried out in our parishes, we also run centres of social apostolate. There are three in our Province.

Pallottine Social Welfare Centre, Salem: This centre had a humble beginning initially to organize awareness program for the HIV/AIDS patients and supporting them in providing medical aid. Gradually seeing the need of the time tailoring Class for the rural women is organized for the rural women. It is aimed at the rural women’s economic self-sufficiency. The Community College is an alternative system of education, which is aimed at the empowerment of the disadvantaged, uneducated and the underprivileged. In partnership with ICRDCE (Jesuit organization), Skill India and National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), an initiative of central Government, we have started skill certification programme for rural women in the year 10 th September, 2019.

Elisabeth Sanna Women Empowerment Center-PILLAR: This centre offers Job oriented courses for rural women. The purpose of the institution is to make women aware of their dignity and become financially independent. The courses offered are dress making, embroidery and making articles needed for use in the family such as soap, papped, jam, squash etc. Besides they are also offered short courses on hygiene, child upbringing and social awareness. The centre admits every year sixty women.

St. Vincent Pallotti Purified Drinking Water Project, Kalaikulam

The parishioners of St. Michael’s parish come from 19 villages with 250 Catholic families in these villages. These Catholic families and other thousands of families belonging to other faiths had grate difficulties to have an access to clean, pure and safe drinking water. They would fetch the muddy water from the ponds nearby and use a nut called theththangkottai and scrub it against the wall of the container containing the muddy water and leave it to distill itself during the night and sieve it in the morning and use it as their only drinking water. Because of this unclean water many people of this area were contracting many water-born diseases. With the grace of God and with the help of some generous benefactors from Taiwan  a Water Purification Plant was established in Kalaikulam. Thousands of families from more than 25 villages around St. Vincent Pallotti Illam in Kalaiklam are benefitting from this project on a regular basis from 10.01.2020.

Blessed Richard Henkes Tailoring Center, Kalaikulam

St. Michael’s parish in the diocese of Sivagangai, has altogether 19 villages with 250 Catholic families in this parish. Besides Catholic families there are also thousands of families belonging to other faith. The main occupation of the people living in this area is agriculture. However, because of the unpromising seasonal rain in this area, the agriculture often suffers and fails. Most of the people are unemployed, very specially the widows and women of this area and they find very difficult to earn their daily bread and look after their children. With the help of some generous Pallottine Fathers, Brothers and Lay Associates from Germany, Switzerland and Taiwan he began Blessed Richard Henkes Tailoring Center for the empowerment of women and widows of this area on 12.09.2022. This tailoring center can give an employment opportunity for 100 women and widows. Presently some 30 women and widows are employed in this center.

Pallotine Social Welfare Center, Kuttathupatty: . Besides empowering rural women, this Centre also aims to conscientize people about the hazards of too much dependency on chemical materials and plastic. Also, it plans to help and educate simple farmers about the introduction of new agricultural technologies and teach them to avail various government schemes.  Presently the group is actively involved in producing pure organic soaps (chemical free), nutritious health mix (a healthy drink), and reusable sanitary napkins (plastic free).

St. Vincent Pallotti Tailoring Centre at Suruacode: Surulacode is one of our recently started mission stations in the Diocese of Kottar.  In the year 2016, it was entrusted to the pastoral care of Pallottines. Most of the people in these mission stations work in the Rubber Estates as coolie workers. A tailoring centre was inaugurated  on 19thNovemeber, 2023. This tailoring centre is known as “ St. Vincent Pallotti Tailoring Centre”. At present the tailoring classes are organized in the parish hall. There are ten students attending the classes. We hope in the days to come, many more women join and benefit from this tailoring course.