Retreat and Healing

Divine Mercy Centre, Kaliyal: Divine Mercy devotion is part of this preaching ministry, and Pallottines were the pioneers of this Devotion in Kanyakumari. Initially, we have sufficient facilities to have a retreat of smaller groups of 10-20 people. At present, the Divine Mercy Centre functions as a spiritual renewal center where various spiritual activities are conducted. In our Centre we conduct Retreats, Recollection, Seminars, Conferences, day of Prayer and offer spiritual direction for those seeking guidance in personal growth, in faith, in prayer and in the ability to respond whole-heartedly to God. We also conduct our ongoing formation programs for our young priests in this centre.

St. Vincent Pallotti Spiritual, Ayurvedic Health and Healing centre (Nalasolai): It is an initiative of Fr. Gnanasikamani Pilavendiran, who is equipped with a Bachelor Degree in Naturopathy, Yoga and Ayurvedic Panchakarma. He uses traditional indigenous medical practices, herbal medicines and treatment. Though he was practicing this new method of treatment with individuals who were in need of it, the demand grew in such a manner that it needed some sort of fixed structure. In view of this, a centre was erected with proper treatment facilities in Kaliyal Campus and was inaugurated on January 09, 2020. Our centre is a pioneer in promoting and practicing native and traditional methods and procedures in curing and treating variety of illnesses.